Mediasaya Sdn Bhd  (955729-V) provides a variety of solutions to our clients, our team consist of a dedicated, compact and passionate members.


We believe that success today is bred through Aggressive YET Sublime Brand Engagement that works on an emotional level, with rational support, delivered through the most appropriate methods. We pay attention to the current economic climate and the challenges you face.


More than ever, our focus is all about maximizing your budgets and ensuring a positive ROI. We wish to partner with you to grow your market share, innovate new niches and most importantly… drive your brand to dizzying new heights.


Incorporated since 2011, Mediasaya had built it’s foundations in visual branding and marketing by investing in digital content creation, playing the supportive role in producing competent visuals for our clientele, delivering and communicating key values for the targeted markets.


Today as a Social Media & Video Production Agency we engage the right media and market mix , design and create contents and broadcast leveraging on the latest available Web – Information Technology (IT) and Digital LIVE WEBcast sporting the latest trends and platforms the market has to offer. The bottom line has always been to deliver value, on-time, cost effectively, every time – our business philosophy.