Step by Step Video Production Process

Over the years we have produced many Corporate Videos for our clients, two main things we have learned over time is that no two clients are the same and it is extremely important to grasp and agree upon the concept of the video before going into actual production, failure to do so will throw the whole project in disarray right in the middle of the project.

Before we take another step forward please understand these two important steps first:

Get your Vision Right

This is something we can’t stress enough, it is very important that before you decide to hire a production company that you have a clear vision of what you want this video to achieve, this will go a long way when you do finally get in contact with a production company. It seems like a no-brainer but you will be surprised how many companies have called us for a meeting without having any clue why they need the video in the first place.

Meet up with a few Production Companies

This is something a production company will probably NOT tell you, but you really should call in as many video production companies as you can (if time permits) and talk to them face to face, listen to how they talk, look and compare prices, ask questions. Believe me, once you have the first 2 meeting you will be more equipped to ask the 3rd company onwards relevant questions, and above all find someone that you think you can work with, someone that seems to grasps your company’s vision, someone that will listen yet proactive to suggest some good ideas.

Now in case you have met us and chose us for the job, congrats, you made a right choice ;), and in order to help you understand how Mediasaya typically approaches a project at hand, we have compiled a list of things for you to consider and be aware of, a kind of step-by-step as it were in how to produce a successful Corporate Video for your company.




1. We will ask a lot of questions…

In order to produce a video that works for you, we will have to ask you all sorts of questions about your company and we will sign an NDA if needed, this procedure is the most crucial and “painful” step but it will be worth it.

2. We will create a storyboard & script for your approval

Once we understand what you would like to achieve with your video (promo, internal, corporate, for social media- viral,etc) we will then prepare storyboard and script for your approval, this will be the most tedious task, don’t be surprised if there are more then a few tweaks, we need to get the storyline and script spot on before we proceed to the actual shooting/producing graphics for the video.

3. Location recce, Talent hire, Scheduling

This is where we start to put the jigsaw together, if your video requires talents (actors, models,etc) then this is the time they will be contacted and hired, locations for shooting will be decided (usually client’s premises), logistics and work schedules will be set.

4.Receiving and compiling materials

This is the part where client will send us all related materials for the video, this includes high resolution logo files,photos, awards certificate(s), video footages, etc, again the amount and type of materials depends on the type of video that is being produced and always based on the storyboard.

ESTIMATED TIME: 1-7 working days



Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 4.33.35 PM

1.On location Shooting

This is when we hit the ground, our crew will be on location with storyboard in hand to shoot all relevant materials, from interviews to establishing shots to product shots and anything in between based on the storyboard you had approved. If you chose to have an aerial shoot this is the time we will do it as well.

2.Voiceover and Graphics creation

After the script has been approved and assuming you chose to have a voiceover for your video we will proceed to get our VO talent to give a voice to your script and at the same time our in house editors will be busy creating all related graphics and motion graphics for your video.





1.Editing – where the magic happens

This is where everything literally comes together, the raw footages from location shoot will be colour corrected, music will be made or chosen from our library, graphics and motion graphics will be placed in the video, Voiceover will be ready to be synced with the video, our editors will be working round the clock to piece everything together and export the video in H.264/MPEG-4 for you.





1.Client accepts final produced Full HD video

This is where the client receives the Full HD video with everything pieced together, there is romm for changes to the final video if necessary but it will depend on the agreed upon terms and condition upon the signing of the invoice and job contract, typically changes will be done if a client makes a request within 7 working days after the delivery.

DISCLAIMER: This is by no means an exhaustive guide to the whole video production process, it is however a typical scenario when creating a video.