SOP for The Creative Industry – PKP 24th May 2021

Here we go again, as the lockdown continues in Malaysia, every business suffers and although we may be biased, we think our industry is probably the worst hit by these lockdowns.


Here is a quick Key points list of things you can, cannot and must do as a video production company:


  1.  You can’t have a video shoot outside.
  2. You can shoot a live stream from your own house. (duh)
  3.  You can shoot any type of films. drama, musical, etc BUT it must be in a FINAS recognised Studio.
  4.  You must apply for “Sijil Perakuan Penggambaran” from FINAS and will have to submit all your crew’s details and the location of the shoot.
  5.  You must do a Covid-19 test for ALL your crew AND must submit the results to FINAS 3 days before the shoot date.
  6. This probably applies more to Drama – your crew must not take another job outside of the current job until the current job is completed.
  7. All types of equipment used must be sanitised.
  8. A maximum of only 6 people can be on a stage at any given time and must have their mask on at all times. (live show, musical, etc)
  9.  this goes without saying, ALL crew must have their mask on at all times.
  10. Must sanitise the location before, during and after a shoot.



For the full lowdown here are the official slides:

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