Facebook LIVE Streaming in Malaysia

facebook LIVE Malaysia Facebook continues to evolve and keep itself as a relevant social media platform, and the latest trend which you should have noticed by now is the Facebook LIVE function.

At Mediasaya we have tested almost all kinds of LIVE streaming platforms as we do provide LIVE streaming services in Malaysia, from Ustream to Livestream to YouTube LIVE and all other platforms but we can truly say that facebook is definitely the place to go LIVE right now, simply because it has a social sharing element to it that no one can truly match, if you want your LIVE program to be watched by as many people as possible than facebook LIVE is your best bet.

One thing that Facebook lacks right now though is the rewind function, anyone who clicks to watch the stream will not have proper context or the ability to rewind a little and check out what the stream is all about, i hope facebook adds this feature soon.

As of right now our clients are looking to go LIVE on facebook instead of YouTube and we expect this trend to continue, the biggest concern on our clients mind is what are the caveats of streaming on Facebook and can it go LIVE without a Smartphone?

The answer is simple, yes we do not need a mobile device to stream to facebook, we can stream via the usual with multi camera and switching capabilities, even with professional quality audio as well, the only downside to facebook AT THIS MOMENT is that they only allow anyone to stream for 1 1/2 hours per stream.

We are looking forward to produce even more amazing lIVE events for our clients and we hope you will be one of them.

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