Nikon P1000 has a crazy 125x zoom Lens

When we were called to provide videography for a client at the LIMA event in Langkawi last year,we knew we had to get a reliable roaming camera with a powerful zoom lens to get all the action as close as possible, and luckily one of our business partners owned a Nikon P900 and we were … Read more

5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Video

video Production Malaysia

1. Video is popular NOW In the past, you would have read articles saying that “video is the future”, well, we are in that future!. Every you look these days, from twitter to facebook to Instagram to Snapchat it’s all about videos, videos and more videos. According to HubSpot 92% of the mobile video audience shares … Read more

HOW TO : Zordon Power Rangers Effect in After Effects (Video Tutorial)

Ever since Bryan Cranston confirmed he would be in the latest Power Rangers movie as Zordon I was really interested in how they would go about in terms of effects in bringing the character alive, I’m glad to say I’m pretty satisfied with the effects based on the recent trailers (as seen below). The guy … Read more

Facebook LIVE Streaming in Malaysia

Facebook continues to evolve and keep itself as a relevant social media platform, and the latest trend which you should have noticed by now is the Facebook LIVE function. At Mediasaya we have tested almost all kinds of LIVE streaming platforms as we do provide LIVE streaming services in Malaysia, from Ustream to Livestream to … Read more

Step by Step Video Production Process

Over the years we have produced many Corporate Videos for our clients, two main things we have learned over time is that no two clients are the same and it is extremely important to grasp and agree upon the concept of the video before going into actual production, failure to do so will throw the whole project in disarray right in the middle of the project.

Before we take another step forward please understand these two important steps first:

Get your Vision Right

This is something we can’t stress enough, it is very important that before you decide to hire a production company that you have a clear vision of what you want this video to achieve, this will go a long way when you do finally get in contact with a production company. It seems like a no-brainer but you will be surprised how many companies have called us for a meeting without having any clue why they need the video in the first place.

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Importance Of Web Video Production For Your Company

Video Production MalaysiaThe idea of web video production is very important for every online business owner of the world. With the spread of high-speed internet all over the world, video has become an important way of communication with new and existing customers. People are always fond of videos; hence, with the introduction of video advertisement, they are expecting more and more video representation of products and services.

Hence, it is very important to know how and why web video production is done, and what the outcome is. You may watch a video and think it to be a simple and budget video.

You can never imagine what goes behind in making the video and how long it can take to make one. The first thing that is required to make a video is a clear idea about the subject.

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